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BOSCH 4310 Sliding Miter Saw Review

BOSCH 4310 Sliding Miter Saw

BOSCH 4310 Sliding Miter Saw



    Depth of Cut







          • 15 Amp Motor
          • 4,000 RPMs
          • Dual Bevel
          • Spindle Lock
          • Electric Brake


          • Difficulty Changing Blade
          • No Laser
          • Scale Has Gaps

          Bosch is probably better known for producing high quality automotive parts than they are power tools but they hit the prevail nail on the head with their high-end 4310.  Many of the same features that made the previous model, the Bosch 4410, popular are found in the 4310 10-inch Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw.

          Bosch 4310


          Employing Bosch’s Up-Front Controls for greater comfort and control, it also provides adjustability needed to tackle almost any project, while delivering ample power.

          Best Features

          The best features about this model are the up-front controls and its no load speed of nearly 4,000 rpms.  Nearly everything you need to operate the saw and make angle adjustments are placed in the front for easy access and increased productivity and the impressive rpms will help to ensure fast and clean cuts through even the toughest materials.  Another great feature is that many users have reported being able to pull the 4310 straight from the box without any adjustments needed as with other miter saws.

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          Advantages of the 4310, including the up-front controls and 15-amp motor that delivers close to 4,000 rpms, is the Wedge-and-Slot Miter Detent System.  This system helps to ensure fast and dependable miter and bevel adjustments.

          The electric brake helps to improve faster repetitive cuts by stopping the blade within seconds after the trigger is released.  Another great advantage of the 4310 is the spindle lock.  This feature makes blade changes a little less complicated by locking the spindle so it cannot freely rotate.


          Despite having the spindle lock, changing the blade on the 4310 is difficult.  Since the top of the saw does not allow you to lock it out of your way; you have to dismantle the top cover.  Another disadvantage of this saw is the scales.  The scales have large gaps between the different increment marks so making cuts that do not fall on one of the detents can be tricky.

          For the price, this saw should come with a laser but does not however.  The final disadvantage is the carrying handle.  Even though the 4310 is designed to be portable, many users have complained about the carrying handle being constructed of plastic.


          Overall, the Bosch 4310 is a good saw for nearly any application.  If you are a professional craftsman or a hardcore hobbyist, this saw is more than capable of helping you complete nearly any project.  Due to the price of this model, $600.00 and up, I would not recommend buying it for those who have small projects that have to be done rarely.

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          This performance machine is for professionals or the diehard hardcore hobbyist that lives, eats, and sleeps for the smell of saw dust.  For the other miter saw users, a smaller, much more cost effective miter saw should be able to fulfill all of your cutting needs without having to make such a large investment.

          However, if you are the kind of perfectionist that simply wants to ensure their shop is equipped with top of the line tools, then you can’t go wrong here. But if for some reason this model isn’t what you are looking for then you can look through our bandsaw page and find one that fits what you need.

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