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Bosch GTS1031 Table Saw Review


The Bosch GTS1031 portable jobsite table saw offers both durability and portability without sacrificing quality.  One first appearance, this model appears to be a standard table saw but looks can be deceiving and that is the case with this model.  Designed like a larger table saw, this particular model was made with the jobsite in mind.  Built with size and power while still offering mobility, this is the perfect jobsite table saw.

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Best Features

One of the best features of the GTS1031 is its size.  Most portable table saws have limits on the size of material they can handle to so the small cutting surfaces.  However, this Bosch model can hang with the big boys when compared to similar models.

The large 22.5-inch by 22.5-inch cutting surface enables the GTS1031 to handle large material and still remain portable.  Additionally, the Squarelock rip fence offers maximum cutting accuracy that glides effortlessly with the touch of a finger.


Engineered for easy one-handed carrying, this model is equipped with a single-handle carry design that creates a well-balanced lifting zone and has onboard storage for its components.  Additionally, it is equipped with dual side handle for two-handed carrying.

Its large size enables it to cut up to 18-inches to the right of the blade and has a cutting depth of up to 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees.  Another great advantage is that the GTS1031 can be equipped with a ½-inch DADO stack to increase its versatility.


Bosch did a great job at designing this saw so there are very few disadvantages.  The only drawbacks are the weight, motor, and price.  Even though this is a portable saw, at 52 lbs. it is relatively heavy compared to other jobsite table saws.

And without a soft start feature on the motor, the life expectancy could be reduced due to the stress that is placed on the motor at startup.  Price would have to be the only other disadvantage of this saw.  This model has a starting price tag of over $400.00 unless you buy the model that is equipped with the portable stand, and then it’s well over $700.00.

Best Suited For

The GTS1031 is versatile enough to be used by nearly everyone, professionals to hobbyist alike.  While still not a cabinet saw, the large cutting surface offers enough space to handle routine cutting jobs and the lightweight design makes it great for jobsite related work.  However, the GTS1031 is probably better suited for the professional due to its higher cost. If you are more of a beginner woodworker and will not use this everyday then a good option would be the DEWALT DW745 Table Saw.

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Hobbyist should not invest large amounts of money into a piece of equipment that will not see large amounts of usage.  A construction professional that wants a saw that is both durable and portable would get just that with this saw.  Its metal cage base will ensure both durability and stability while its design with a built-in carrying handle makes it ideal for portable applications on the jobsite and to and from the jobsite.  The additional capability of using a DADO stack only reinforces its usability by professional woodworkers.

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