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DeWalt DC385B Reciprocating Saw Review

A high quality reciprocating saw can easily be one of the most used tools in your shop.  With the DEWALT DC385B Cordless 18-Volt reciprocating saw, it will become the most used tool on the job site.  This heavy-duty saw has a 1-1/8 inch stroke and nearly 3,000 SPM for fast, portable cutting.  As with its corded cousin, the DC385B has plenty of features that make using it simple and easy, even for first-time users.

Best Features

There are many features to be found on the DC385B.  However, the most notable are the keyless blade clamp and the electric brake.  The keyless blade clamp saves the user time during blade changes and makes it a fast and simple chore.  The electric brake adds safety and helps to prevent blades from breaking.


Advantages of the DC385B include its 18-Volt motor that delivers nearly 3,000 SPM to enable this model to cut through dense stock.  An anti-slip grip is part of the handle design and helps to not only provide comfort for long periods of use, but also help with controlling the saw.

The quick and easy keyless blade clamp means you can switch from cutting up wood for disposal, to sizing up metal ductwork effortlessly.   Compact and lightweight, the DC385B is the ideal saw to take with you on the job site for handling various cutting tasks.  Additionally, the four-position blade clamp makes flush cuts possible without the worry of placing additional pressure on the blade.



There are not many disadvantages to mention for the DC385B.  In fact, the only two that most users have mentioned deal with the batteries.  One common complaint is the rate the battery dies with extended use.  While there is nothing unusual with a battery-powered tool losing juice as it is being used, those who have tried other reciprocating saws as well as this one, report that the DC385B seems to lose its power much sooner than others.  The other complaint is that this particular model does not come with batteries or a charger.

However, this is listed as a “bare-tool” item.  This means the only thing you are getting when you purchase it is simply the tool itself you are getting; no blades, carrying bag, no anything.  Most experienced with purchasing power tools understands what this entails.  Those not experienced however most often do not and are surprised to learn they have to buy more stuff before they can use their new saw.


DEWALT lives up to their reputation with this saw.  The DC385B is a great saw that can find many applications not only in the workshop, but on the jobsite as well.  Portable, durable, and flexible, this saw can make light work of different cutting tasks and is well worth the price.  At an average starting price of $100, you would be hard-pressed to find a saw of this quality for less.

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While this saw is perfectly suited for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned expert, the fact that it is a bare-tool would be an inconvenience for those that are not familiar with this concept.  Overall, a great reciprocating saw that will easily find a home in any shop.

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