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DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw Review

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw

DeWalt DW788 Scroll Saw










          • Double Parallel Link Design
          • Operates Quietly
          • Little Vibration
          • Easy to Use


          • Heavy


          DeWalt continually demonstrates their dominance in the power tool industry with each product they manufacture and the DW788 is no exception.  Designed with durability and precision in mind, this scroll saw is one of the best on the market.  DeWalt’s tradition of quality is the main reason professionals and hobbyist alike overlook the high price tags that often comes with purchasing one of their outstanding tools.

          Best Features

          One of the best features of the DW788 is its double parallel-link design.  This innovative design reduces noise and vibration to help ensure very accurate cuts; it also ensures the blade stays perpendicular your material to help reduce the chances of over or under cutting.

          Another great feature is the design of the arm.  Pivoting from the back to the front of the saw shortens the arm movement so it operates quietly and smoothly; this adds to the precision of the DW788.  The variable speed controls enable users to have more control over the saw’s blade to add even more precision to this scroll saw.

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          As with many of the quality tools DeWalt manufactures, the DW788 has plenty advantageous features.  One of which is the user-friendly design.  All controls are placed in an easily accessible location.  Another advantage is the large cast-iron table that provides plenty of support for your work.

          The attached flexible dust blower ensures dust and debris stays clear of your material to ensure your lines stay visible.  An additional advantage is the tool-free blade changes.  Switching the material you are working on is easily accomplished with a fast and simple blade change.  The blade clamps are designed for painless changes so you can move your work to a new starter hole with ease.


          Even though the DW788 is a great scroll saw, it is not without its faults.  First of all, while technically portable, it still weighs 65 lbs. so this is not the saw you want to be lugging around a job site.   While this additional weight helps to keep the saw from “walking”, it does nothing to help with its portability.

          Another fault is the blade change process.  While changing blades on the DW788 is easy, the arm is not spring loaded so when you are changing the blades, you will have to prop the arm with a wooden block or other object.  Another fault is the blower.  While it works great for keeping the saw dust off of your work, it does nothing for keeping the rest of the saw and surrounding area free of saw dust.

          Best Suited For

          As expected, the DeWalt DW788 is a great scroll saw that is sure to make any shop better simply by being there.  Whether you are a seasoned professional with using a scroll saw, or simply just starting to learn, anyone will be able to use this saw and enjoy it.

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          However, due to its excessive weight, it is not recommended to be used as a portable scroll saw even though it basically is.  The best place for this saw is in your shop where its true potential will show. If you are looking for a portable scroll saw then head back to our scroll saw page and find one that better suits your needs.

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