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Grizzly G0536 Scroll Saw Review

Grizzly G0536 Scroll Saw

Grizzly G0536 Scroll Saw










          • Extremely Durable
          • Minimal Vibrations
          • Large Saw Depth
          • Cast Iron Base


          • Heavy
          • Small Table Width


          Grizzly has been producing power tools that are as tough as the company’s name.  From table saws to scroll saws, users have found this line of power tools to be very durable and of high quality construction.  The same is true for the Grizzly G0536 Scroll Saw.  Built with durability and performance in mind, the G0536 looks to carry on the proud Grizzly heritage.

          Best Features

          One of the best features of the Grizzly G0536 is that it is constructed with a cast iron base.  Yes this does make the saw heavier than other scroll saws in its class and it can be a hassle to move around, but that extra weight also helps with vibration control.  Another great feature is the saws depth capacity.  While many competing saws have just over 1-inch of cutting depth, the G0536 2-1/18 inches depth capacity at 90 degrees.

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          As we have come to expect from Grizzly, there are plenty of advantages to using this saw.  The heavy duty cast iron table can tilt 45 degrees to help with tricky angled cuts.  The 16-inch throat allows room for working with larger pieces without the worry of running out of space.  All controls are easily accessible and the power switch is designed with a safety key making this saw safer to work on.

          In addition to this, the clear plastic blade guard ensures your hands and fingers stay away from the blade.  This shoe will keep the piece from being pulled up by the blade as it is in the up cycle.  It is also versatile as it can accept plain-end blades or pin blades.


          In spite of its quality, there are some issues with this saw.  The blade guard can cause a parallax effect that can through your cuts off.  The insert around the blade does not sit flush with the table and it cannot be adjusted.  This can be an annoyance when trying to move the piece.  Surface grinding is substandard and very rough.  So rough that it can actually damage softer woods.  There is an incorporated air nozzle that does a good job of keeping debris off of the cutting line.

          However, vibration cause the nozzle to shift out of place and has to be readjusted.  And finally, the width of the table is too narrow.  While the length is good and allow plenty of space, the width narrow so users have to make sure the work piece does not flip when it is off center.

          Best Suited For

          Grizzly has been producing quality power tools for quite some time.  They are known to be durable, precise, and easy to work with.  While the Grizzly G0536 is a solid saw that will not give too many mechanical issues to those who buy one, it is lacking in other areas; such as the table width, uneven insert around the blade, and despite its excessive weight, still produces a good deal of vibration when in operation.

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          Overall, I would say this saw is better suited for the professional for a couple of reasons.  First, its durability will ensure it survives many trips to the jobsites.  And secondly, some experienced with using a scroll saw would have better luck working through the design issues with this saw. If you are looking for a beginner friendly saw then you should take a look our scroll saw page.

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