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Jet 708113A Band Saw Review

Jet 708113A Band Saw

Jet 708113A Band Saw








        • Lower Wheel Brush
        • Poly V-Belt Drive System
        • Ample Storage Space
        • Tilts Left and Right


        • 3/4Hp Motor
        • Large Bottom Stand Takes up Room


        Jet continues demonstrating their commitment to quality power tools with the 708113A band saw.  Equipped with an open stand, this model has everything one could possibly need to get started with their projects immediately.  Just like many of the other band saw models Jet manufactures, the 708113A is equipped with electronically balanced cast iron wheels to help ensure longevity as well as reduced vibration while in use.


        Best Features

        One of the best features of this saw is the lower wheel brushes.  This feature ensures that saw dust and other debris stays away from vital saw components which helps to ensure a longer life span for your band saw.  Another great feature of the 708113A is the Poly V-belt drive system.  The poly V-belt drive system helps to not only ensure accuracy while cutting, it also helps to reduce vibration while the saw is in operation.


        A definite advantage of the Jet 708113A is the storage space offered by the included stand.  With ample spacing, users have plenty of space to keep commonly used items close at hand but yet not in the way.  An additional advantage of this saw is the table.

        Polished, durable, and capable of tilting 10 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right, the work surface increases the capabilities of the 708113A.  Another advantage is Jet’s track-record of quality.  They have been building quality power tools for a long time and those who purchase this saw are assured to have a dependable band saw that will last a long time.


        The major disadvantage of this saw is the power it has, or lack thereof.  The small ¾-horsepower motor simply is not strong enough for serious cutting with this saw.  This means resawing dense stock is nearly impossible and seriously limits the capabilities of what is otherwise a great saw.  Another disadvantage, for small shops that is, is the size of the footprint this saw and stand combination has.

        For people with limited space, the large bottom of this stand will take a lot of it.  The cutting height limit is another setback with the 708113A.  The 6-inch throat is simply not large enough to handle bigger stock.  One final disadvantage, which is common with many band saws and not just this particular one, is the included blade is not the best so users will need to purchase an aftermarket blade before the begin any projects.

        Best Suited For

        The Jet 708113A is a quality band saw that is sure to last and provide users with very limited headaches.  However, due to the lack of power and limited cutting capacity, this saw would be better suited for the beginner band saw user who is just starting to learn the capabilities of a band saw and does not have need of a major cutting band saw.  While it is not a total bust, a professional that has serious cutting demands would be disappointed in this saw and would find it basically useless.

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        If you are looking for a band saw that packs a little more power and is better suited for a professional then I would suggest taking a look at the Laguna 14 Twelve model. You will find everything you would ever need in a band saw with that model.

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