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Jet JWBS-10OS Band Saw Review

Jet JWBS-10OS Band Saw

Jet JWBS-10OS Band Saw








        • Compact Size
        • Portable
        • Solid Bench Top Design


        • Size of Work is Limited by its Size
        • Cheap Fence


        Since they began manufacturing and distributing power tools, over 50 years ago, Jet has become one of the industry leaders.  With power tools that range from woodworking to metalworking, their products can be found in shops all across the country.

        A large part of their success stems from their high quality power tools, such as the Jet JWBS-10OS 10-inch Band Saw.  Providing both performance and mobility, the JWBS-10OS is a prime example of Jet’s commitment to quality.

        Jet band Saw

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        Best Features

        One of the best features of this tool is the size.  Designed with the intent to take up little room as possible, the JWBS-10OS is perfect for the shop where space is scarce.  Another great feature is the built-in adjustable LED work light that helps to put light where it is needed when operating the saw.  Another feature is that this saw comes included with a stand so there is


        With a .5 HP motor, the JWBS-10OS has plenty of power to get the job done. Equipped with a quick release for the blade tension, making blade changes is fast and easy.  The lower and upper ball-bearing guides for the blade ensures smooth operation with minimal vibration.  Even though the overall design of this band saw is on the small side, the large cast iron tilting table increases this saws versatility.

        Apart from it, Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw comes along with a more solid bench top design that paves the way for easy transport. This perfectly moves from one site to another in various shop locations. This band saw efficiently works making it a portable band saw. The band saw also comes with a base and steel stand that creates stability.


        A disadvantage of this saw is also considered an advantage; the size.  Even though it may be ideal for saving space in small shops, its small stature makes it impossible to cut wider and thicker stock making the 4.5-inch throat limiting to the saws capabilities.  Another disadvantage is the fence.

        While it is adequate, one would expect a company such as Jet, which is known for high quality products, would have designed a better fence to come with this band saw.  The final disadvantage of note is the upper wheel which is used to guide the blade.  Many who have purchased one of these saws have reported that the wheel was off track when they had assembled the saw from out of the box and without extended use.

        Best Suited For

        Over all, the Jet JWBS-10OS 10” band saw is a quality saw that can find uses both in the shop and the on the job site.  Its compact design and weight makes it ideal for mobile applications and durability.

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        However, given the small cutting capabilities of the Jet JWBS-10OS, it would be better suited for the professional user that had limited needs for a large band saw or for the beginner who is just starting to learn how to use or work with a saw of this design. If you need true powerhouse of a saw then we recommend the Laguna 1412. If you are someone that needs a band saw that can do more then check out our band saw page where you will find all types of different band saws, you are sure to find one that fits your needs!

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