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Laguna 1412 14-inch Band Saw Review

Laguna 1412 14-inch Band Saw

Laguna 1412 14-inch Band Saw








        • 3 Horsepower Motor
        • 13.5 Inch Throat Depth
        • Minimal Vibration
        • Available in 110v and 220v
        • Innovative Fence


        • Stock Blade is Average
        • Price


        Laguna Tools is considered by many to be the benchmark for band saws.  With ingenuity, quality, and precision designed into every model, Laguna has firmly set their place as one of the industry leaders.  This dedication to quality is evident in the Laguna 1412 14-inch Band Saw which has been two years in the making.


        Building on their award-winning previous models, Laguna has upgraded many features to ensure repeat success with the 1412.  Improvements include a stronger table lock, stronger foot brake, and a redesigned rack and pinion along with many other improved features.

        Best Features

        One of the best features of 1412 is that it is available in 110 volt.  Granted, there are plenty of band saws on the market of this size that can run on 110 volt power, but this is the first Laguna band saw of this size that is available in 110.  Previous Laguna saws were only available in 220 volt.

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        Another great feature are the solid cast electronically balanced wheels.  With performance in mind, the wheels on this model are designed for minimal vibration while ensuring the blade tracks accurately and will last longer than wheels found on other models.


        Along with the features mentioned above, the Laguna 1412 is powered by a 3 HP motor which means it has plenty of power to muscle through even the toughest material.  Equipped with a quick release for the blade tension, making blade changes on the 1412 is fast and easy.  The solid one-piece polyurethane tires on the electronically designed wheels are designed to last longer and cooler than others available on the market.

        The equipped micro polished table makes for a mirror smooth work surface so the stock will slide effortlessly and increases the control users have over the cut.  Another advantage is the innovative fence.  Within seconds, the fence can go from 5.5-inches high to .5-inches high to help increase material control.


        This saw is so-well thought-out that there are few disadvantages.  One flaw however is the included blade.  The 1412 comes with a blade that is less than stellar so those who purchase one should ensure they buy a better replacement blade before getting too involved with a project.  Some users have reported having issues with the blade tension handle in that it didn’t tighten the blade as I was designed to.  The only other fault with the 1412 is the optional work light.  Due to its location, directly overhead of the user, it provided little light to the work area.

        Best Suited For

        For those wanting industrial equipment results from their band saw without paying industrial equipment prices, the Laguna 1412 is for them.  The company spent 24 months in the design and development of this saw and their efforts show in the final product.  It may be a little pricy for the hobbyist that will not utilize it often, but there is no better band saw to start learning on.  With features found on industrial sized equipment and remaining easy to use, The Laguna 1412 is perfectly suited for both the professional and the first-time user.

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        If you are someone who does not need the raw power that this saw has or doesn’t want to spend this much money, then I would suggest checking out one of the more popular band saw models which is the Rikon 10-325.

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