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Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw Review

Makita is known for making quality power tools and that status is maintained with their powerful JR3070CT Orbital 15 AMP Reciprocating Saw.  This feature-packed saw is designed to handle the toughest cutting jobs one could imagine.

Best Features

Makita’s AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology) makes this powerful reciprocating saw more comfortable to use.  By utilizing their exclusive counterbalance system, they have significantly reduced the amount of vibration this material cutting monster produces, effectively cutting it in half.


Another feature of the JR3070CT that stands out is the unique clutch assembly.  This innovative engineering helps to extend the life of the saw by protecting the gears if the blade should happen to bind.


Advantages of the JR3070CT are plentiful.  The powerful 15 AMP motor offers you plenty of muscle to handle tough cutting jobs and the six-position variable speed settings makes tailoring the saws cutting speed a cinch.  The unique orbital cutting also reduces cutting time by up to 45%.


An additional advantage is the stroke length.  While there are saws on the market that produce up to 3,000 SPM’s, 500 SPM’s faster than the JR3070CT, very few offer a stroke length of 1-1/4 inch like this saw.  This means that even with a slightly slower SPM rate, this Makita saw cuts with blazing speed and the quick blade changing features means you can cut through nearly anything quickly.


With the JR3070CT, you have to take the bad with the good.  One of the “bad” factors you will have to contend with is the weight.  With a big motor comes big weight and this reciprocating saw offers its fair share at almost 10 lbs.

Excessive heat is also another factor.  The 15 AMP motor puts out a lot of power and with that power comes heat.  And to expand on the heat issue, the rubber boot that is on the blade changing lever is reported to tear and fall off fairly easily.  This makes the heat issue worse because that boot is there to protect your fingers from the heat.


The Makita JR3070CT is a good saw for the professional in the construction and demolition fields.  It offers plenty of power to chew through nearly anything you through at it and makes cutting tasks fast and easy.  And with variable control that allows for exact cutting speeds, the JR3070CT can be the perfect saw for any cutting task.

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However, with advanced features and a lot of power, this might not be the right reciprocating saw for first-time user.   Many beginning users have not had the experience of using a reciprocating saw to understand how to properly use speed controls.  Additionally, the weight of the saw and the powerful 15 AMP motor could make learning proper operating procedures tricky.

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