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Milwaukee 2625-20 Reciprocating Saw Review

Milwaukee has gained a large following of loyal users of the years, and for good reason.  They have demonstrated repeatedly that they can and do produce high quality, dependable power tools.  This commitment to quality is evident in the 2625-20 M18 18-Volt Hackzall.  Hackzall has become a signature title of the Milwaukee Company and is used industry-wide when people refer to a reciprocating saw.

Best Features

One of the best features of the 2625-20 is its one-handed design.  This lightweight saw weighs around four-pounds and is ideal for small jobs, or jobs where the use of both hands is impractical.


Another feature that really stands out is the Dual Gear Anti-Vibration System.  This unique system makes operating the 2625-20 more comfortable and also provides better control of the saw while cutting.


A definite advantage with this reciprocating saw is the compact size ¾-inch blade stroke.  Combined, they make this saw great for getting into tight spots and making overhead cuts.  The Quik-Lok blade clamp makes blade changes fast and easy while the built-in LED light keeps your work surface and cutting lines in sight.  Additionally, the 3,000 SPM motor can help the 2625-20 cut through various types of material, with the right blade.


One disadvantage with this saw is the price of the batteries.  Since this is a bare-tool package, meaning you only get the saw and nothing else with it, you could be looking at a substantial additional cost depending on how many batteries you want to have on hand and the price of the charger.

Another drawback of the 2625-20 is the stroke length.  While it is true that the 3/4-inch stroke makes this saw great for tight spots, it does make for slower cutting.  A faster motor that could bump-p the SPM’s above 3,000 would help to offset that.  However, most users stated that the slower cutting speed was marginal compared to the overall quality of the saw.


Milwaukee continues to build on their positive reputation with the 2625-20.  With plenty of power to handle many of the same tasks as larger reciprocating saws, this one-handed delight will prove that dynamite does in fact come in small packages and with an average starting price tag of just over $70, you can’t go wrong.

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Easy to use and operate, this saw is perfect for the beginning do-it-yourselfer.  And with so much power, it is also a great saw to add to the professional’s inventory.  It is lightweight which means it can fit into tight spots and has plenty of power to cut the heaviest material you can through at it.  A great saw at a great price; this one is highly recommended.

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