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Buyers Guide for Miter Saw Stands

A miter saw is one of the most useful saws you can have around the job site or in your shop.  Its versatility and compact size make it favored over the other saws that this single tool takes the place of.  However, even though it may be one of the greatest saws ever designed, its low stature makes it difficult to use without a good foundation to operate it on and will expand the possibilities of your miter saw.  That is where a quality miter saw stand will make a miter saw THE perfect tool.

When you go to purchase your stand for your miter saw, there are a few considerations you need to think about before you buy.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Weight – If your miter saw is going to be stationary then weight will not be too much of a concern.  However, if you’re intending on using it for on-site cutting work, then you need to consider the weight of the stand.  Some models are designed for just that purpose and are compact, lightweight, and portable.

Adaptability – Most models have attachments that increase their uses.  If you’re planning on completing different types of projects, mobile or stationary, with your miter saw, ensure you check to see the stand you are wanting comes with the stand or can be purchased separately.

Warranty – While most models on the market are sturdy and durable, the occasional accident happens in which your stand will could get broken.  Check to ensure your new stand comes with a warranty and what it will cover.

Price – For many, one of the biggest considerations they will face is price.  Miter saw stands range in price from a hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars.  Make sure you spend according to your budget and your projects.  If you are only going to use your miter saw rarely, you probably don’t need to buy $500.00 stand.  However, if you’re a professional craftsman and will utilize your saw and stand on a regular basis, then maybe the higher priced setup is exactly what you need.

The Top 5 Miter Saw Stands

In this guide we will discuss the top five miter saw stands currently available on the market along with their features.  The list will be in order from number one to five based on customer reviews and industry standards.

1. DeWalt DWX723

The DWX723 is 150 inches wide and 32 inches high when fully extended making this stand is one of the biggest on the market.  Its solid frame can support up to 500 pounds of material.  With extensions added, that include locking levers, to the massive main beam, it can easily and securely handle stock up to 16 feet in length. Additionally, even though the DWX723 does not come with wheeled legs, it is still easy to transport due to its folding legs and relative lightweight of just 35 lbs.  When fully folded, the stands’ measurements are  73 inches wide and only 6 inches high.

DeWalt Miter Saw Stand

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Other features include universal mounting brackets that can work with any miter saw brand.  The brackets are also able to mount to any point on the rail to allow for pinpoint accuracy when making cuts.  Due to its large size, users can also attach more than one saw at a time to help increase productivity with just one stand.  Material supports can be adjusted up and down as well as side to side increasing the DWX723’s versatility.  Additionally, the tool mount feet are non-marring ensuring the material will not get damaged.

 2. DeWalt DWX724DeWalt DWX724 Stand

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DeWalt makes the list again with its DWX724.  Boasting many of the same features as the DWX723, the DWX724 offers a lighter option.  At just under 30 lbs, five pounds less than the 723, it makes it better suited for mobile applications.  Its 40-inch beam is able to support up to 120-inches of material that can weigh up to 500 pounds.  Additionally, the leg lock levers allow for fast and simple set up around the job site.


3. Denali Miter Saw Stand


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Designed for an extended lifespan, this stand is constructed with heavy duty tubular steel which makes it one of the sturdiest stands available on the market.  Equipped with quick release mounting brackets, miter saws can be attached and removed quickly and easily.  Either material support can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally which will increase this stands versatility.

4. Makita WST05

Makita Miter Saw Stand


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The Makita WST05 is sturdy miter saw stand that offers many features.  It is equipped with tool-less adjustable miter saw brackets that allow for fast and easy installation and removal of your miter saw.  Its hefty weight of 58 lbs increases its stability and ensures a stable work surface while making cuts.  It’s easily transported from site to site with its wheeled base and 46-inch folded size.  Additionally, this stand can accommodate all Makita miter saws.


DeWalt Rolling Miter Saw Stand


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DeWalt will make its third and final stop on our list with their DeWalt DW7440RS miter saw stand.  Weighing only 33 lbs, this tough and durable stand offers maximum mobility with its wheeled legs.  Its legs are also designed to offer optimal stability while using the saw.  Equipped with quick connect brackets, attaching and removing the miter saw is fast and simple.  Additionally, the stand legs are designed with quick release levers for fast setup and breakdown for maximum transportability.


As stated before, this is only a list comprised of the top five stands currently available.  There are many to choose from based on the user’s needs and budget.  However, armed with the above information, you have a starting point for your search.  Good luck and happy hunting. If you are looking for a miter saw click here.

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