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Rikon 10-305 Band Saw Review

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw








        • Extremely Well Built
        • High Quality Rip Fence
        • Dust Port


        • Small Motor
        • Problems with Blade Guide


        RIKON continues to demonstrate why they are one of the top names in power tools with the 10-305 band saw.  Basically a scaled down version of the 10-345 and the 10-325, the 10-305 offers many of the same benefits of its bigger cousins but requires less space and less money.  This RIKON bench-top model provides a good deal of bang for the consumers buck with quality features people have come to expect from this company.

        Rikon 10-305

        Best Features

        One of the best features of this saw is the solid steel design which helps to provide stability and longevity at the same time.  The frame is made of steel plate, not plastic like many other manufactures use and the heavy-duty cast iron table is a feature not usually found on band saws in this size.

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        Another great feature of this saw is the fence.  Many saws of this size do not come with a quality rip fence like the one that comes with 10-305 and it really adds to the functionality of this quality band saw from RIKON.


        The advantages of the RIKON 10-305 are many.  First, it is equipped with rip fence to help keep cuts straight and can be easily removed to allow for free-hand work.  There is also a 2-1/2 inch dust port that will help to keep the saw and work area clean and free of debris.

        The equipped 13-3/4 by 12-1/2 inch table provides plenty of work space that is sturdy and rugged and the adjustable guide post can raise and lower with the simple turn of a handle, making adjustments quick and easy.


        The lack of power is one of the few setbacks with the 10-305.  The 1/3-horesepower motor is a major drawback when working with denser stock.   Limited space is another down side.  The throat can only handle material up to 4-1/2 inch tall which means there is a limit to what this saw can do in terms of major projects.

        An additional downfall of this saw is that users have reported that the upper blade guide will twist when the bolt that secures it is tightened.  The only other notable disadvantage is the blade size you can equip on the 10-305.  Granted, a ½-inch blade is big enough and flexible enough to handle most of the cutting needs people use a band saw for, however a larger blade capacity would significantly increase the versatility of this saw.

        Best Suited For

        RIKON has a reputation for producing quality power tools and that reputation continues with the 10-305 despite the few setbacks that have been listed above.

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        However, due to its limited cutting capacity and low power output, this model would be better suited for the beginner that wants a quality band saw to learn on or a hobbyist that is only interested in working on smaller scale projects and nothing large.  A professional that uses a variety of different materials and materials of larger sizes would have limited use for this saw.  If you want to see all of our reviewed band saws then you can do so here.

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