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Rikon 10-600VS 16-Inch Scroll Saw Review

Rikon 10-600VS 16-Inch Scroll Saw

Rikon 10-600VS 16-Inch Scroll Saw










          • Variable Speed Motor
          • 2-Inch Throat Capacity
          • Durable


          • Heavy
          • Shadow in Workspace


          Rikon is becoming known for making low priced power tools without sacrificing high quality.  The 10-600VS 16-Inch Scroll Saw is a good example.  With plenty of features and a price tag that will not break the bank, Rikon once again shows why they are slowly climbing the leader boards in in power tool sales in this saw.

          Best Features

          With the 10-600VS, one of the best features is the variable speed motor.  Ranging in speeds from 550 to 1650 SPM, it has plenty of power to cut through almost anything you throw at it.  Another great feature is the incorporated work light that is adjustable so you can move it to different positions to ensure you can see your lines clearly.  The saw also comes with very clear instructions that are easy to follow for even first time scroll saw users.

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          One advantage of this saw is the cast iron base.  The additional weight does make it more of a hassle to move around, but it also adds greater stability while in operation.  The large table can tilt 45 degrees to help making complicated beveled cuts.

          Another advantage is the large 2-inch depth capacity that enables operators to cut thicker material.  The 16-inch throat allows plenty of room for working with larger pieces.  For added versatility, this saw can use both pinned blades and plain blades.  Additionally the saw is designed so that it is very user friendly.


          There are some downsides to the 10-600VS.  One being that the shade on the work like tends to rotate when the saw is in operation and casts a shadow over your cutting lines.  Also with the light, finding a replacement bulb in the event it goes out, is almost impossible.

          So much so that many users that have run into this issue have simply wired in a different light altogether.  Another setback, although not a common occurrence, is that the tensioning knob would rotate during the saws operation and cause the blade to come loose.  Also, just like with many of the other scroll saws with cast aluminum tables, many people have reported the table itself being broken when received and had to be sent back for a replacement.

          Best Suited For

          In spite of the above mentioned defects, the Rikon 10-600VS is overall a pretty solid scroll saw.  There are better ones available for about the same amount of money, but there are also more expensive ones that still have the same general problems.

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          Due to the durability issues reported with the cast aluminum work surface, this saw would probably be better suited for the beginner just learning the fine art of scroll working.  A professional might have issues with the durability, or lack thereof.  And even though there are some reported issues, very few of them are mechanical issues.  That makes it ideal for the beginner since the price is not too steep, it is a good running saw that otherwise performs perfectly, and it is very user friendly. For more advanced woodworkers the Delta 40-694 is great choice.

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