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Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner Review

Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner

Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner










          • Lightweight
          • Easy to Move
          • Can Use and T-Shank Blades
          • Versatile


          • Short Power Cord
          • Small Table Size


          When the Rockwell tool line came back into production a few years ago, people got excited.  The reason for the excitement?  Because of quality power tools like the Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner.  Rockwell continues living up to their reputation of producing quality tools that are backed by a quality service department and the RK7321 is physical proof of that.

          Best Features

          One of the best features of this scroll saw is its versatility that comes in many different facets.  First, it is able to use any T-shank blades.  Secondly, with the included wall mount, you can place the RK7321 on the wall and save valuable floor space.  And finally, at weighing only a little over 13 pounds, it is a great saw to take from the shop to the worksite with minimal effort.

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          The advantages of the RK7321 are many.  It is portable and durable.  Has convenient storage located on the front of the saw.  It has a low-friction stainless steel work surface to enable better handling of the workpiece.  Its 5.5-amp motor offers plenty of power to eat through tough materials like metal and tile.  The equipped miter gauge doubles as a rip fence that can lock into position to ensure straight cuts.

          Blade changes are super-fast and easy so cutting different materials takes only a few second adjustment.  Another advantage is the design of the saw.  The head of the saw includes a lever that when flipped, causes two feet to come down and hold the piece you are working with firmly to the tables surface, adding to the precision of this saw.  Additionally, there is an attachment for a dust collection system.


          Despite being a great quality scroll saw, the RK7321 does have a few drawbacks.  The first one being that the cord is very short.  Users will have place this saw very close to the wall if they do not want to use and extension cord and then you will have limited space behind the saw.  Which brings us to our second drawback.  The table size is very small.

          Understandably, this saw was designed for mobility and DIY use, but the size of the table makes it very difficult to work with larger pieces regardless of its intended use.  Its cutting capacity is another drawback.  With a maximum cutting capacity of just 1-1/2 inches, it is kind of limited on what it can do in terms of material thickness.

          Best Suited For

          The Rockwell RK7321 is a great saw that would make any workshop better.  Its durability, quality, and versatility makes it very useful and functional.  Its ease of use makes it a great first saw for those just starting to learn the fine art of scrolling.  However, due to its small size and limited cutting capacity, a professional that needs a multipurpose scroll saw that can handle large material would more than likely find little use for this model.   Therefore, the RK7321 is better suited for the light duty do-it-yourselfer and beginner.

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          If you are one that is looking for a professional scroll saw then you can check out the Shop Fox W1713 model. It will have everything you could ever ask for in a scroll saw

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