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Ryobi ZRSC164VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Ryobi ZRSC164VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Ryobi ZRSC164VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw










          • Portable
          • 16 Inch Throat
          • Accuclear Dust Blower


          • Poorly Built
          • Often Damaged when it Arrives


          Ryobi has become a distinguished name among the power tool industry and that is due to the increasing quality of their tools.  However, the ZRSC164VS Variable Speed Scroll Saw is not an example of Ryobi’s increasing quality.  Built around the concept of mobility and durability, this scroll saw was designed using lighter material than many others like it in the same class, this leads to a substantial number of issues as you will see.

          Best Features

          In spite of the many reported flaws, there are some good features about this saw.  For one, the saw is very light weight, just under 30 pounds, which makes it ideal for transporting to and from various locations.  It also provides a smooth, almost vibration-free operating experience as well.  Additionally, the variable speed controls are simple to use.

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          Advantages of the ZRSC164VS include the AccuClear blower which keeps sawdust off of your cutting lines to help ensure accurate cuts.  The throat size is another advantage.  At 16-inches, this model can handle larger work pieces without having to worry about space from the blade to the back of the throat.  Another advantage, or disadvantage, depending on how you look at it, is its light weight.  The aluminum cast table reduces a lot of the weight you would find on a similar saw with a cast iron table.


          The old adage that you get what you pay for is true with this saw.  Reports of issues with this scroll saw are many.  Packaging is one the biggest issues users have reported.  When received, quiet often the saw is damaged due to poor packing and the damages are sever enough to cause the saw to be useless, such as broken table mounts.

          Another issue that falls into this realm is when customers return the broken saw, which is reported to be a simple process, they receive a replacement that is used instead of a new product often times there is something broken on that one as well.  Another disadvantage is that the table is made from cast aluminum.  Granted this makes for less weight when you move the saw from the shop to the jobsite, but it does little for making this saw durable.

          Best Suited For

          Many who have used Ryobi power tools in the past know that they make good quality tools.  However, the ZRSC164VS simply is not one of them.  Issues with packaging and production materials that were probably not the best choice leave many issues with this saw.  However, if you look past the shipping damages and questionable durability, the ZRSC164VS is not the worst saw out there and actually does a pretty good job.

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          So with all that, this saw is better suited for the beginner.  Due to the durability issues with the table, professionals would probably spend just as much time getting repairs done or waiting on replacement parts than as they would working on the jobsite.  Whereas a beginner would probably not move it around quite as much and would get longer use from it. For the professionals a better model would be the Shop Fox W1713.

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