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Steel City Tool Works 35955G Table Saw Review

Steel City Tool Works 35955G Table Saw

Steel City Tool Works 35955G Table Saw



    Cutting Accuracy






          Ease of Use



            • Granite Table Top
            • 5hp Motor
            • Mobile Stand
            • Quick Release Riving Knife


            • Hard to Setup
            • Short Rip Fence


            While maybe not as well-known as other manufacturers such as Grizzly, DeWalt, or Bosch, Steel City Tool Works has been known for producing quality power tools at affordable rates and the 35955G Granite Cabinet Saw is proof of this statement.  This is a higher end saw that will let its performance speak for itself.  Constructed with a granite table-top, this saw ensures smoother operation and cutting.

            Table Saw

            Best Features

            The best feature of this saw is the granite surface.  While it does add a considerable amount of weight, it makes moving the material across the surface effortless while helping to ensure accuracy.  Another great feature is built in wheeled base.  With this much weight, over 500 pounds, trying to move this saw without it would be very difficult.  This feature, which many saws in this class do not include, makes maneuvering the 35955G a cinch.


            Although we have already discussed it, the granite table surface is a definite advantage.  The large smooth surface provides great support and a seamless work area.  The quick release riving knife ensures easy set-up for users with its two knobs that also allow for quick changes with the blade guards and splitters.

            Another advantage with this saw is its insert system which features strong magnets to enable fast changes without the need of any tools.  The built in mobile stand means positioning the saw around your shop will be a breeze and can be done with one person.  Additionally, since it already comes included with the saw, it saves the expense of having to buy one separately.


            One of the disadvantages of this particular saw is the quality of the manufacturing process.  Many users have reported having to cleanout machined screw and bolt holes before they could assemble the saw.  Another commonly reported flaw with the 35955G is the short rip fence.  Many users stated having a hard time squaring up the fence to the miter slots due to the short stature.  The final common flaw is the instructions.

            They are not clear and can be hard to understand.  Granted, if you are familiar with using one of these saws, you can probably figure everything out without the need for clear instruction.  For the inexperienced user however, this could be nearly impossible.  With a high-end saw such as this, you would expect better manufacturing and instructions.

            Best Suited For

            The Steel City Tool Works 35955G, despite its flaws, is still a good cabinet table saw.  Plenty of power and smooth operation means better control and better results.  However, unless you are experienced with a table saw, this one may not be your best choice for your first one.

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            This does not take away from the quality of the 35955G, but with less than desirable instructions and manufacturing flaws, a seasoned user would have a less difficult time assembling and setting up this saw.  Overall, the Steel City Tool Works 35955G is better suited for experienced table saw users that don’t mind putting a little extra work into getting their new saw up and running. If you want to avoid the troubles that a beginner woodworker would endure then you can check out the DeWalt DW745 model that will allow you to learn and it is very easy to setup for anyone with any type of experience.

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