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Reciprocating Saw Buyers Guide

Even though it may be a tough word to say, the reciprocating saw is commonly referred to as a saber saw or a sawzall and is a must for construction professionals and others who do a fair amount of miscellaneous cutting tasks.  With its large jigsaw-like blade that protrudes from the end of the saw, an electric motor pushes and pulls in a reciprocating motion and enables the blade to make the cut.  Reciprocating saws are not only used in the construction fields however.  They are also used in the medical and dental fields when doctors and dentist need to cut through tough bone.

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This guide will help to make the decision making process on which saw to buy a little easier.  We will cover the top 7 selling saws on the market and discuss some of their advantages and features as well.  Additionally, we will cover some various information about them, such as uses and advantages.

Reciprocating Saw Comparison Chart

Below I have put together a pretty neat comparison chart that allows for you to quickly scan all of the major stats of each saw and help you find the right one for you quickly.

Reciprocating SawsCutting StrokeMotorPriceRatingReview
Reciprocating SawsCutting StrokeMotorPriceRatingReview
DeWalt DW304PK
1-1/8 Inch
10 Amp
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DeWalt DC385B
1-1/8 Inch
18 Volts
Read the Full DC385B Review Here
Milwaukee 2625-20
3/4 Inch
10 Volts
Read the Full 2625-20 Review Here
DeWalt DCS380B
1-1/8 Inch
20 Volts
Read the Full DCS380B Review Here
Bosch RS7
1-1/8 Inch
11 Amp
Read the Full RS7 Review Here
Makita JR3070CT
1-1/4 Inch
15 Amp
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Makita BJR182Z
1-1/8 Inch
18 Volt
Read the Full BJR182Z Review Here


The uses for this type of saw are many.  Professionals in all fields of the construction industry make use of these saws on a daily basis.  Listed below are some of the more common uses for a reciprocating saw.

  • Electrical –  the design of this saw makes it perfect for cutting into pre-existing walls in order to get to electrical wiring and other devices.  It is also great for removing old conduit piping and cutting through heavier gaged wire.
  • Plumbing – since the blade pulls and pushes in and out, the slim design of the reciprocating saw makes it ideal for getting into tight spots to cut out old plumbing.  And with the blades available for cutting different material, it can handle anything from PVC to older iron piping.
  • Demolitions – removing interior walls and stubborn nails and screws are easy for this type of saw.  Its thin blade enables it to slide between flooring and wall frames and cut through nails and other fasteners.
  • Lawn Maintenance – taking down branches and other tough fibrous plants is a simple task for these saws and saves you the back pains from swinging and axe or lugging a bulky chainsaw.
  • Construction and Remodeling – Many professionals use a reciprocating saw for fitting windows, doorways, and openings.  Its design and blade motion makes it preferred over other types of saws for mobility and ease of use.
  • Auto Body – Got a large severely rusted panel that you need to remove on your latest project car?  A reciprocating saw with a metal cutting blade will make fast and simple work of it.

How Reciprocating Saws Work

As stated previously, a reciprocating saw works by a power source pushing and pulling a blade that causes the cutting motion.  The blade is attached to motor that acts much like a piston.  As the motor turns, the piston pushes and pulls the blade.  Think of it as an amped up handsaw except you don’t have to move, the saw does.


The main advantage of this saw is its lightweight and slim design.  This enables the user to get into tight spots without smashing fingers or experiencing quick arm fatigue like heavier, bulkier saws would cause.  This design also makes it great for mobile applications and for working on objects such as ladders and lifts.

Considerations Before Purchase

Just like any other power tool, there are some considerations to keep in mind before committing to any saw.  Since the design of reciprocating saws is pretty much the same across the board, with a few exceptions, price is really the only major consideration.

Reciprocating saws range in price from $30.00 for low-end models all the way up to nearly $2,000.00 for high-end.  Consider your needs and amount of usage your saw will see before investing a great deal of money into something that will spend 75% of its life on a shelf or in the tool box of your truck.

The Top 7 Reciprocating Saws

Now it’s time to take a look at the top 7 reciprocating saws available.  While there are countless models to choose from, this guide is based off industry standards and overall customer reviews of each listed model. Below you will find reciprocating saws reviews of the top models available.


Taking the number one spot is the DeWalt DW304PK 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw.  With a heavy-duty variable-speed controlled 10 amp motor that delivers 2,800 spm (strokes per minute) and features a long 1-1/8-inch stroke, this saw has the ability to cut through tough material quickly.

DeWalt DW304PK

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The four-position blade clamp increases versatility by allowing you to position the blade to cut as close to the surface as possible and leaving a flush finish.  At an easy to manage seven pounds and with a handle designed for comfort, the DW304PK will ensure hours of fatigue free use.


This DeWalt model offers many of the same features as the DW304PK with the exception that it is cordless.  Powered by the DC9096 18-volt XRP battery pack, this model takes mobility to a new level.  Equipped with an open top on the pivoting adjustable shoe, the DC385B offers optimal visibility.

DeWalt DC385B

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The keyless blade clamp makes for quick and easy blade changes while the rubberized anti-slip handles increase handling and maneuverability.  Additionally, this model comes with DeWalt’s 3 year limited warranty that covers defects due to faulty workmanship or materials and also the 1 year free service contract that maintains the saw and worn parts for free.

3. MILWAUKEE 2625-20 M18

This unique reciprocating saw is designed for one-handed use.  Its light weight, compact design, and dual gear anti-vibration system ensure great control and added versatility.

MILWAUKEE 2625-20 M18

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The powerful M18TM battery powered motor delivers up to 3,000 spm with a stroke length of ¾-inch.  The featured QUIK-LOK blade clamp makes fast work of blade changes while the built-in LED light makes the work area more visible.


With a powerful variable speed motor that delivers up to 3,000 rpm’s with a 1-1/8- inch stroke, the DCS380B provides the same quality performance we have come to expect from DeWalt’s corded power tools and continues to demonstrate DeWalt’s dominance in the power tool industry.


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The pivoting adjustable shoe allows for control of the cutting depth as well as increases the life of the blades while four position blade clamp adds versatility and enables flush cuts.


Bosch will make our number 5 spot with their RS7 1-1/8-Inch reciprocating saw.  With its beefy 11-amp motor and lightweight and compact design, the RS7 has one of the best power to weight ratios you can find in a reciprocating saw.



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To aid in making precision cuts even in not so great lighting, the RS7 is equipped with a dual LED lighting system as well as a tool-less blade changing system to make quick work of blade changes.  Controlling this material cutting monster is easy with the soft rubber covered, and ergonomic handle.


Next on our list is the Makita JR3070CT 15-amp reciprocating saw.  With its AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology), the JR3070CT is one of the more comfortable reciprocating saws to operate, especially with extended use.  The 15-amp motor is equipped with six preset to enable you to fine tune the cutting speeds.


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Even though it has slower cutting speeds than other models, only 2,800 rpm’s, it makes up for it an impressive 1-1/4-inch cutting stroke.  The motor also features a unique clutch system that will help protect and extend the life of your saws internal workings.  A tool-less blade change system makes blade changes simple and fast while the five position shoe adjustment helps with cutting depth.


Makita will make the final spot on our list with their Makita BJR18Z 18-volt LXT Cordless reciprocating saw.  The lack of corded power doesn’t slow this saw down.  Equipped with a D35 high torque motor, the BJR18Z can deliver nearly 3,000 spm’s of cutting speed with a 1-1/8-inch stroke.


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Its compact design of under 20-inches in length and weighing a shade over 8 pounds makes it a great saw for mobile applications.  Featuring a built-in LED light to shed some light on your work area, an electric break for safety, and a retractable hook to ensure this saw stays close by, it’s no wonder Makita has been one of the industry leaders with their quality power tools.


Regardless of your specific skills with in the construction industry, a reciprocating saw provides so many benefits that the cost will seem minimal regardless of the price tag.  Anyone would have a hard time trying to find another tool as versatile as this saw.  A reciprocating saw is a must have for anyone regardless of whether they are a seasoned professional who makes a living on the job site or simply a hobbyist who wants a cutting tool that can be used for multiple applications.

Now that you are armed with some features and benefits available on these saws, making a thorough and educated decision should be easier and enable you to get the most out of your new versatile saw.

If reciprocating saws isn’t what you are looking for right now then you can always check out the scroll saws. We have a whole page dedicated to helping you find the best scroll saw and you can visit that page about scroll saw reviews here.

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